A Closer Look at Go’s Sync PackageSync all the thingsThis is not an analogy for the sync package quality :)Let’s take a look at the Go package in charge of providing synchronization primitives: sync.sync.Mutexsync.Mutex is probably the most widely used primitive of the sync package. It allows a mutual exclusion on a shared […]

Given an array of integers, find the length of largest subsequence formed by the consecutive integers. The subsequence should contain all distinct values.   For example, Input:   { 2, 0, 6, 1, 5, 3, 7 }   Output: The largest subsequence formed by the consecutive integers is { 2, 0, 1, […]

Let’s say a dev submits several smaller prs at once. Pr 1 contains changes that are needed for pr2. The dev submitted both at once and therefore pr1 looks “unnecessary because pr2 has all changes”. What are your thoughts / opinions on handling this? Should pr 2 be declined until […]

Round 1: Resume Shortlist round: We were asked to upload our resume on the dropbox (Linked shared by them) and after resume shortlisting around 400… Read More » The post Kuliza Technologies Interview Experience appeared first on GeeksforGeeks.

Icertis visited our campus for on-campus placement for the post of SDE at Pune. There was an online test followed by a one-day interview process.… Read More » The post Icertis Interview Experience | On-Campus appeared first on GeeksforGeeks.

Virtual Machine abstracts the hardware of our personal computer such as CPU, disk drives, memory, NIC (Network Interface Card) etc, into many different execution environments… Read More » The post Virtual Machines in Operating System appeared first on GeeksforGeeks.

Very similar to Process Control Blocks (PCBs) which represents processes, Thread Control Blocks (TCBs) represents threads generated in the system. It contains information about the… Read More » The post Thread Control Block in Operating System appeared first on GeeksforGeeks.

Amazon announced Amazon Rekognition Custom Labels, which enables customers to build specialized ML-based image analysis capabilities that detect objects and scenes integral to their specific use case. “Instead of having to train a model from scratch, which requires specialized machine learning expertise and millions of high-quality labeled images, customers can […]

Image processing basicsDefinitely the best comboA couple of days ago, I was faced with a project that demanded removing the white background of sketches when they’re dropped into a certain folder. This was all happening in a hardware scanner.Here’s an example of a sketch:Example drawingThe first step is to install dependencies for this […]

Picture-in-Picture made its first appearance on the web in the Safari browser with the release of macOS Sierra in 2016. It made it possible for a user to pop a video out into a small floating window that stays above all others, so that they can keep watching while doing […]

Let’s say you visit an e-commerce site because you want to buy the latest banana peeler model. Bananas are hard enough to peel, right? Only a tool will do! What’s the first thing you’re going to do on the site? Chances are, it’s entering something into the (hopefully) prominent search […]

Introduction If you’re majoring in Computer Science, Insertion Sort is most likely one of the first sorting algorithms you have heard of. It is intuitive and easy to implement, but it’s very slow on large arrays and is almost never used to sort them. Insertion sort is often illustrated by […]

When you need to showcase an app design, there’s no better way to do it than with an iPhone mockup. Not only can you use an iPhone mockup to showcase how the app icon looks on a screen but also to share the interface design of your app and various […]

Understanding Django QuerySets Evaluation and CachingDeep dive into QuerySet’s evaluation and caching with examplesPhoto by Christopher Gower on UnsplashA QuerySet can be constructed, filtered, sliced, and generally passed around without actually hitting the database. No database activity actually occurs until you do something to evaluate the QuerySet.Throughout the article we’ll refer to the […]

Django ORM optimization cheat sheetPhoto by Caspar Camille Rubin on UnsplashIn this piece I will run through a few key optimization tips rather that discussing on every point. Pease read the Django official documentation for full details.Throughout the piece we will use following models :class Author(models.Model): name = models.CharField(max_length=200) email = models.EmailField() def __str__(self): […]

As I continue my adventure into Android development, pair programming has been a huge help in learning this new platform. When it’s time to build and run the app, relying on the emulator is a fools’ game — the emulator is slow and it’s hard to reliably simulate gestures. If […]


Cloud Computing – Consultancy – Development – Hosting – APIs – Legacy Systems

X-ITM Technology helps our customers across the entire enterprise technology stack with differentiated industry solutions. We modernize IT, optimize data architectures, and make everything secure, scalable and orchestrated across public, private and hybrid clouds.

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The enterprise technology stack includes ITO; Cloud and Security Services; Applications and Industry IP; Data, Analytics and Engineering Services; and Advisory.

Watch an animation of  X-ITM‘s Enterprise Technology Stack

We combine years of experience running mission-critical systems with the latest digital innovations to deliver better business outcomes and new levels of performance, competitiveness and experiences for our customers and their stakeholders.

X-ITM invests in three key drivers of growth: People, Customers and Operational Execution.

The company’s global scale, talent and innovation platforms serve 6,000 private and public-sector clients in 70 countries.

X-ITM’s extensive partner network helps drive collaboration and leverage technology independence. The company has established more than 200 industry-leading global Partner Network relationships, including 15 strategic partners: Amazon Web Services, AT&T, Dell Technologies, Google Cloud, HCL, HP, HPE, IBM, Micro Focus, Microsoft, Oracle, PwC, SAP, ServiceNow and VMware